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The 1st World Cup: Uruguay 1930

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Uruguay - Hosted the first World Cup Finals, in 1930. Uruguay - Hosted the first World Cup Finals, in 1930.

Did Uruguay get to stage the first World Cup tournament because they won the Paris Olympic final, against Switzerland, in 1924?

Only those who did the voting in Barcelona, after many nations abstained from the 1928 Olympic tournament in Amsterdam, will know.

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Uruguay 1930 - First Round, Semi-finals, 1930 World Cup Final.

World Cup History - Uruguay 1930

For the players from Europe the first World Cup, in Uruguay, meant a week-long sea journey across the Atlantic and a couple of months away from their jobs, so most of them abstained from this too.

Only Belgium, France, Romania and Yugoslavia sailed from Villefrance-Sur-Mer, on June 21st, for Rio de Janeiro, to meet up with the Brazilian team on 29th June and arrive in Montevideo on July the 4th.

All matches were played in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, with the final an all South American affair between Argentina and the hosts.

Uruguay trailed Argentina at half-time (1:2) but replied with three goals in the second half; to win the first ever World Cup Final (4:2) on July 30th, 1930.

First Round - Group Stage

The 13 teams were arranged into three groups of 3 teams and one group of 4 teams. One country from Europe was entered into each group.

Group 1

13th July: France vs Mexico (4:1)
15th July: Argentina vs France (1:0)
16th July: Chile vs Mexico (3:0)
19th July: Argentina vs Mexico (6:3)
19th July: Chile vs France (1:0)
22nd July: Argentina vs Chile (3:1)

Argentina qualify for the semi-finals.

Group 2

14th July: Yugoslavia vs Brazil (2:1)
17th July: Yugoslavia vs Bolivia (4:0)
20th July: Brazil vs Bolivia (4:0)

Yugoslavia qualify for the semi-finals.

Group 3

14th July: Romania vs Peru (3:1)
18th July: Uruguay vs Peru (1:0)
21st July : Uruguay vs Romania (4:0)

Uruguay qualify for the semi-finals.

Group 4

13th July: United States vs Belgium (3:0)
17th July: United States vs Paraguay (3:0)
20th July: Paraguay vs Belgium (1:0)

United States qualify for the semi-finals.


26th July: Argentina vs United States (6:1)

27th July: Uruguay vs Yugoslavia (6:1)

1930 World Cup Final
30th July:
Uruguay vs Argentina (4:2)
Centenario Stadium, Montevideo.


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