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Russia 2018 1800-WorldCup - The World of Football

World Cup Finals reports from Uruguay 1930 through to United 2026 and beyond; including coverage of European and world football (soccer) in general.

Canada, Mexico and the United States will hold the 2026 World Cup. 48 national teams will be split into 16 groups of three, with the top two teams from each group advancing to a 32-team knockout stage.

2018 World Cup Finals in Russia:
World Cup fixtures, results and match reports live from Russia.

Host Cities:
Who played where at the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia; and what they did when they got there.

2018 World Cup Final in Russia

Saturday, 14th July:
Third-Place Play-off
Travel to Belgium  Belgium vs England Travel to England  in St Petersburg (2:0)

Sunday, 15th July

2018 World Cup Final
Moscow Luzhniki: Travel to France France vs Croatia Travel to Croatia (4:2)

Russia 2018.

European Leagues

Follow the football from the major leagues around Europe.

UEFA Competions.

World Cup History

World Cup hosts and winners.

Year Host Country No. of Teams Winner
1930 Uruguay 13 Football in Uruguay
1934 Italy 16 Football in Italy
1938 France 15 Football in Italy
1950 Brazil 13 Football in Uruguay
1954 Switzerland 16 Football in Germany
1958 Sweden 16 Football in Brazil
1962 Chile 16 Football in Brazil
1966 England 16 Football in England
1970 Mexico 16 Football in Brazil
1974 West Germany 16 Football in Germany
1978 Argentina 16 Football in Argentina
1982 Spain 24 Football in Italy
1986 Mexico 24 Football in Argentina
1990 Italy 24 Football in Germany
1994 USA 24 Football in Brazil
1998 France 32 Football in France
2002 Korea-Japan 32 Football in Brazil
2006 Germany 32 Football in Italy
2010 South Africa 32 Football in Spain
2014 Brazil 32 Football in Germany
2018 Russia 32 Football in France
2022 Qatar 32
2026 United Bid    

History of Soccer: The Beautiful Game.

The Greatest Game on Earth

May the Directory of World Football help bring football fans closer together for a greater understanding of people, places, countries and cultures previously considered foreign to them.

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How many appearances each country has made in the World Cup Finals.

Nomadic Gatherings: Travels in Asia and Australia

Nomadic Gatherings - by Michel Guntern.

World Cup Winners

5. Travel to Brazil Brazil.

4. Travel to Germany Germany.

4. Travel to Italy Italy.

2. Travel to Argentina Argentina.

2. Travel to France France.

2. Travel to Uruguay Uruguay.

1. Travel to England England.

1. Travel to Spain Spain.

World Cup Match Archives

France 98:
France win the World Cup on home soil.

Korea-Japan 2002:
Brazil win the World Cup for the 5th time.

Germany 2006:
Zidane ends it all in a final head-but.

South Africa 2010:
Spain win the trophy hunt at the Soccer Safari.

Brazil 2014:
Putting the Samba back into football; German style.

Russia 2018:
Played out across multiple time zones from Kaliningrad to Ekaterinburg.

Euro 2020 - Around Europe

The Euro 2020 finals will be staged in 13 cities around Europe; marketed as a 'EURO for Europe'.

The UEFA Executive Committee appointed the host cities in September 2014, with a maximum of one venue per country allowed.

Three Group Games & One Round of 16 Game

Travel to Holland Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Travel to Spain Bilbao, Spain.
Travel to Belgium Brussels, Belgium.
Travel to Romania Bucharest, Romania.
Travel to Hungary Budapest, Hungary.
Travel to Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark.
Travel to Ireland Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
Travel to Scotland Glasgow, Scotland.

Three Group Games & One Quarter-Final

Travel to Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan.
Travel to Germany Munich, Germany.
Travel to Italy Rome, Italy.
Travel to Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia.

London 2020

Hosts for the Euro 2020 final and semi-finals.

Travel to England London, England.

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